Netflix Delivered A Masterclass On How To Reboot A Show With The New Season Of 'The Mole' - The Most Underrated Game Show Of Our Time

So I just finished the new season of The Mole and let me tell you something. Netflix has a hit. It's a masterclass on how to reboot a show. There are so many failures - I'm looking at you Supermarket Sweep. Not this. This reminded me how underrated The Mole has always been as a reality game show, something I'm quite fond of. 

The Mole is kept secret and trying to sabotage all the activities. Each week they take a 20-question test to figure out who is the Mole. Person with the least right gets eliminated. This is the exact sort of show that I love. I'm a sucker for game shows/reality shows. Hence my love for The Challenge. But I'm also a huge Amazing Race fan, The Mole, etc. I still think No. 2 behind The Challenge is 2 Minute Drill and Stump the Schwab from back in the day. Probably why I love playing on The Dozen. 

I'm not going to spoil anything, but it's only 10 episodes and you can knock it out real quick. All I'll say is the person who won deserved to win. They were easily the best player on the show and had The Mole pegged pretty early on. Looking back on the season you can figure out the moment it is and why they keep advancing. 

It's addicting television too. You feel in a way that you're playing along trying to guess who The Mole is. Obviously you don't see everything but in the 45(ish) minutes of each episode you're guessing who is purposely fucking up. You're guessing who could sabotage a mission. Some of it is corny for sure, but that's any and every reality game show. 

The fact is everything today seems to be getting a reboot, a sequel, a prequel, etc. But this? This was perfect. I need more seasons ASAP. It went too quick with like 3 episodes being released a week, so I just sat here and knocked them out each Friday morning. Check it out because I need more people to discuss this with.