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The 76ers Are Running A Tasty In-Game Promotion That Gets The People Going

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Chick-fil-A is a wildly popular fast food chain with outstanding chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches. Brandon Walker probably would've probably been a Deion Sanders type multi-sport athlete if he never discovered this tasty quick service restaurant.


And while it's no Raising Canes, it gets the job done. The people of Philadelphia sure to do like it. At the 76ers game vs. the Bucks, the Sixers were running a promotion where if a player missed both free throws during their trip to the line in the 2nd half, the entire crowd would be able to get free nuggets.

It was a brilliant marketing tactic and it got the crowd BUZZING once a player missed their first free throw.

Congratulations to the 76ers fans, who despite the loss, still went home with happy after Giannis bricked both those free throws in the 4th.

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