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Uncut Cards! Adam Sandler And The Directors From Uncut Gems Are Teaming Up To Make Film About Sports Card Collecting

Netflix. Shutterstock Images.

CBS- Actor Adam Sandler and directors Josh and Benny Safdie joined forces for the 2019 film Uncut Gems, which focused on the world of high stakes sports betting. Now, the two sides are teaming up once again.

According to Deadline, Sandler is going to be starring in a Netflix film that focuses on the world of high-end sports card collecting. The Safdie brothers are writing, directing and producing the film, and they are currently finalizing the script, per the report.

This is how I win! 

Adam Sandler is teaming back up with the directors of Uncut Gems, The Safdie Brothers, for a new Netflix film focused on high-end sports cards. Hand up! When I first heard this news, I thought it might be a sequel. If you've seen Uncut Gems, you know that is unlikely. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.

The script hasn't even been finalized yet, but I'm already excited to see it. There is so much real life source material to pull from. As a collector of sports cards, I can tell you this hobby is full of wild and crazy people for better and for much worse. You have the old men who got into the game 50 years ago and hate what the hobby has turned into, the new kids throwing around ridiculous amounts of money (Where they got it, nobody knows!), collectors, speculators, flippers, and more. Not to mention the manufacturers, the grading companies, the auction houses and the breakers. Adam Sandler's character in Uncut Gems was almost unbelievable in how eccentric he was, but he would fit right in in the sports card hobby.

Just this past weekend I wrote a blog on potential fraud in the sports card market happening right now out in the open.

I ended the piece by saying I was excited to see the Netflix documentary on it in a few years. We need the documentary still, but I'll gladly take an Uncut Gems style movie to hold me thru.

Some say sports cards are just little cardboard pictures of men and I can't disagree with that. It's the same way a Rolex is just a watch, and gold is just a shiny metal. Like with Rolex's and gold, there is a lot of money in the sports card market. The highest of high-end cards go for tens of millions of dollars. With that comes the potential for a lot of drama and I think the Safdie Brothers will capture that perfectly. I'm freaking pumped! I am guessing that they will be filming in New York. My new life goal is to be in this movie. I'll obviously try out for a supporting role, but I'll settle being an extra.