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I Didn't Cheat On The Dozen

We have a new season of The Dozen and already a new accusation of cheating. People are saying I cheated in this week's match against The Booze Ponies.

Here's Jeff's statement on the entire ordeal:

Like Jeff said, there's a new software we are using to record. I'm looking at the window of whomever is speaking. Of course my eyes are moving around. I'm also reading the question over and over trying to jog my memory. He tried to filter the sound of a keyboard typing out. Nothing. 

I didn't know the Julius Peppers answer. That was me throwing players out from that era. I didn't "freak out" they didn't take my answer because I didn't know the answer. We threw out a bunch of different players from around that time and just because I threw out the player that happened to be the correct answer doesn't mean anything at all. If I knew that was the correct and they still didn't use it, THEN I would have snapped. I remember the play from the question 0.0%

I wish Peanut or someone was the answer.  

The Deandre Ayton thing was me remembering the dude from Arizona getting 1-1 love. Knew he was 1 and done, assumed he was AA, then just fucked up his name. I don't really do NBA so I haven't thought about him since he was at Arizona. That's all it was. Me thinking out loud. I didn't know the answer to that either. I was just throwing shit at the wall. 

I wish Ayton's first name started with literally any other letter than "D".

Here's my search history for people that don't believe me:

If this doesn't suffice for you crybabies, I'll get Comcast on the horn and try to get them to send a fully unabridged search history of every computer connected to our wifi the day we recorded. Until then, stop whining and enjoy the show.