Sabermetrics: Taylor Swift Is Here To Help Texas Football, Team Is 8-1 In Games Following Her Album Releases

This right here is why we need the Internet. This is a vital stat that needs to be released to the public. We have a mix of Taylor Swift and college football, specifically Texas football. We're not here to argue if Texas is back, but more how this *should* be a win for them. You see they are 8-1 straight up in the first game after a Taylor Swift release. 

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Here are the stats:

Release Dates

Taylor Swift - October 24, 2006 (Texas beat Texas Tech 35-31)

Fearless - November 11, 2008 (Texas beat Kansas 35-7)

Speak Now - October 25, 2010 (Texas loss to Baylor 30-22)

Red - October 22, 2012 (Texas beat Kansas 21-17)

1989 - October 27, 2014 (Texas beat Texas Tech 34-13)

Reputation - November 10, 2017 (Texas beat Kansas 42-27)

Lover - August 23, 2019 (Texas beat Louisiana Tech 45-14)

Folklore - July 24, 2020 (Texas beat UTEP 59-3)

Evermore - December 11, 2020 (Texas beat Colorado 55-23) 

Midnight - October, 21 2022 (TBD)

Now we have to be careful. A few wins over Kansas, a couple wins in the first game of the season. But facts matter here. Texas is 8-1 thanks to Taylor Swift. We're also talking straight up releases, not re-releases because they lost to Kansas after she re-released Red. It doesn't count in this record book though, which Texas really needs. 

But here's something even more important. This is the second sabermetric stat to be on the side of Texas this year: 

11 wins is still in play as long as Texas wins out. Oklahoma State and Kansas State are currently the last two ranked teams they play. Kansas could sneak back in there, but right now they have 2 left. If they win out the regular season they are at 10 wins. That means the Taylor Swift and JLo stat come to life. That means one thing. 

Frankly this is the biggest Taylor Swift news of the week. New music? That happens all the time. Texas winning a bunch of games? Not so often.