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Chance The Rapper Says No One From Chicago Actually Eats Deep Dish Pizza And They've Just Been Tricking Tourists This Whole Time

This is complete bullshit because Eddie took me to get deep dish the moment I landed in Chicago. That son of bitch told me they barely eat it there while we were having it. All you hear is about deep dish and these Chicago fucks talking about it and they don't even eat it. I am getting really upset writing this because this is a full hoax and the only reason people are doing when they visit. 

In New York we at least tell you to not go to Times Square because it is the most overrated thing, but everything else is awesome. Our Pizza is the best you'll have and we don't steer you wrong. This Deep Dish thing is actually the biggest scam of all time. If you want a business just become a deep dish pizza place in Chicago. I was polite when I ate it too because it was the most average thing I have ever had, but I didn't want to disrespect Chicago. Now they should all apologize and call themselves frauds. 


It ruins your day when you eat it too and you look like an idiot. It is way too much pizza and gets all over you. So is there a hoax in ever city? Do Iowa people not eat corn? Do people from Idaho hate potatoes or people from Maine hate lobster? The whole world would crumble if all of these people were all frauds. If Trent didn't actually like corn I think I wouldn't be able to live on this earth anymore. My whole life would be a lie and I can't even fathom to think about that. 

I think that Chicago needs to apologize to everyone and if I was from Chicago I would be pissed.  The whole world is talking shit about your pizza when they leave and are upset about their time spent in the city. Chicago has always been sad sacks and thats probably why the illinois fan base is the worst.