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Good On Manchester United For Refusing To Let Ronaldo Be Part Of The Team Since He's A Whiny Asshole

I can't believe I'm going to give credit to Manchester United, but I have to. They are far less worse than Ronaldo, who remains the biggest bitch in all of sports. In case you missed it here's what happened last night after Man U WON. 

Wah, wah, wah. Ronaldo didn't play and apparently refused to come in as a sub: 

This fucking guy man. He chose to come back to Manchester United after getting sick of playing at Juventus. Now he's trying to force his way out of Manchester United. Everything has to be about him while he doesn't realize he's not the same Ronaldo anymore. Again, Man U beat my beloved Spurs in their biggest win of the season. It was the best Man U has looked all year. Instead of enjoying it and being proud of his team, he sulked and bitched and showed who he really is.

The whiniest bitch in all of sports. 

I hope Man U keeps him off the team all year AND refuses to let him transfer in the winter window. Keep him there since he agreed to the terms. Keep him there until he realizes who he is as a player in 2022/23. I respect the hell out of Ten Hag for not backing down. He could easily give in since Ronaldo's sister is putting up an Instagram all the time complaining about him. I'm sure Ronaldo is sulking into his office and complaining. Ten Hag just refuses to back down.