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Aliens Exist: Joe Rogan's JRE Episode With ex-Navy Pilot Ryan Graves Makes Bob Lazar's Story All The More Believable

Chief recently blogged about the Joe Rogan interview with Ryan Graves, a former pilot in the Navy. Chief nailed it when he said that the interview was a breath of fresh air; over the last handful of years, Rogan veered from interesting shit like this to highly polarized interviews with politicians and doctors where all they talked about was the fucking pandemic. 

This one wasn't it. This one was an awesome throwback. Kill time in your cube (or on your couch) by checking out the 15 min clip below:

That's obviously just a little primer. Now I will state that I am NOT a podcast guy. Not at all in any way, shape or form. I've listened to maybe 15 non-JRE podcast episodes in my life, but after watching the 15 min clip above, I knew that I'd be winding yesterday down with copious amounts of 3chi and 2.5 hours of Rogan talking aliens with someone who claims to have been in their presence not too long ago. 

I HIGHLY recommend doing the same. 

To back up for a moment, this is a video of one of the UFO's (I refuse to call them UAPs) that Graves claims to have seen:

Pretty wild. I wish there were a better image, especially considering the planes that took the videos cost a gazillion dollars a pop to manufacture, but it's wild nonetheless. There's no rocket propulsion or anything else visible that was responsible for the flight of this craft. How in the fuck was it flying like that? It looked like a top spinning on an axis in mid air. 

Nothing adds up! Make it make sense!

That's where Bob Lazar checks in. To maybe, just maybe, make sense of these crafts. 

In the episode, Graves detailed how the craft would move, and it sparked discussion between he and Rogan about past encounters military aircrafts have had with UFOs. What's weird about each individual & different tale of aliens is that they all tie back to Joe Rogan's interview with scientist/alien whistleblower Bob Lazar from 2019.

If you haven't watched or listened to this entire interview in its entirety, drop everything you're doing and watch/listen to it now. It's an awesome, awesome listen:

This episode has 44 MILLION views on YouTube alone. That's fucking insanity. INSANITY.

The TL/DR of the episode is this: Bob Lazar "claims" to have attended both MIT and Caltech. I put "claims" in quotes because there are no records of him having gone to either. Anyways, in his mid-20s, he was approached by people asking him to take a govt. job that was highly classified. It was at a military base near Area 51 in the Nevada desert:

Anyways, in his time at this facility, there were two sub-plots of note that are pertinent to this blog:

1. Lazar claims he was tasked with reverse engineering an orb that was the fuel source (?) of an alien craft. You couldn't touch the orb. The closer you got to it, the more it resisted contact. He described it as trying to touch two magnets together. 

2. The orb was apparently powered by element 115. He talked about this element for the first time publicly back in the late 1980s. That interview is covered in the 4 min video below:

Once he figured out he was dealing with something literally out of this world, he freaked out and knew he had to go public with it. To him it was a massive, history altering story that the world had to know. So he made that happen, at least to some extent. 

Once he did, his identity basically vanished. He could obviously no longer work on the crafts or for the govt., people thought he was an insane person, and scientists LAUGHED at him because element 115 just didn't exist at the time. Oh, and there were no longer ANY records of him having attended Caltech or MIT. 

Everything about him up and vanished like a fart in the wind. Wiped clean off the map, and he even said he'd get random phone calls and discover people following and watching his moves. 

Sounds like a tale of a crazy person, right? I'd agree. On the surface, yes, it absolutely seems like Lazar is a crazy person. That was until element 115 was officially "discovered" in 2003 by the Russians. I'm not going to try to get all scientific on what the element is or does for obvious reason, but it was apparently the "fuel" for the alien craft's orb Lazar was working on and is described as an "anti-gravity" element. 

Here's snippet of what wikipedia says about Lazar and Element 115:

Lazar has claimed that the propulsion of the studied vehicle ran on an antimatter reactor[34] and was fueled by the chemical element with atomic number 115 (E115), which at the time was provisionally named ununpentium and had not yet been artificially created. It was first synthesized in 2003 and later named moscovium. He said that the propulsion system relied on a stable isotope of E115, which allegedly generates a gravity wave that allowed the vehicle to fly and to evade visual detection by bending light around it.

Now, how does this all tie together? 

In all of the interviews Rogan has had with people and their encounters with aliens, they all describe the crafts they saw in almost the same exact manner. None of them were rocket powered and they all defied what we knew about the laws of physics… other than element 115. Bob Lazar, that "crazy" person, described the anti-gravity element 30+ years ago. Now we have at least some circumstantial evidence that there have been alien crafts that are using some sort of anti-gravity fuel source to move, and that it could very well be element 115. 

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The long story short is that everything Bob Lazar talked about decades ago and was subsequently ostracized for is now slowly but surely coming to fruition, at least at a glance. Unless these military pilots are all in cahoots with Bob and it's some elaborate ploy, it sounds like aliens might actually be among us and that their technology is way, way more advanced than ours. I mean, apparently, these crafts can both defy and/or create gravity, something mankind has no fucking clue how to do.

Hopefully there are more followups from both Rogan, Lazar, the government and whoever else, but we're in a time where all of these little puzzle pieces are starting to fall together. If you've listened to the Lazar interview and followed up by listening to the interviews with Graves and others, you'd 100% go from a complete skeptic to thinking, "hmmmm, maybe aliens do exist amongst us". That's what happened with me, anways. Or maybe I'm just a sucker and WANT to believe, which is plausible too. In the end, whether anything talked about this blog is true or not, it's still fun to think about. It's entertainment at the very least. 

We want the truth!!!!! That goes without say 

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