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Alica Schmidt Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Mike Brown If She Wants To Accomplish Her Dream Of Being Faster

This is Alica Schmidt, you likely know her from previous blogs about being dubbed the World's Sexiest Athlete. This blog isn't about that. This blog is about dreams, specifically her dreams. You see she runs the 400 and 4x400 for Germany, so it makes sense she wants to be fast. Pretty good thing to be if you're running track events. Can't be slow out there, that'd be dumb. Luckily she's manifesting it by saying her dream is to be faster: 

[Source] - "I will do everything it takes to become faster and faster. I train almost every single day, sometimes twice a day. If you have a dream just go for it and don’t compromise on it.

"My goal is to make it to the Olympics in Paris in 2024 and become faster," she said.

Hey you gotta put your goals and dreams out there. If her goal is to make the Olympics then she has to be faster. She made the last Olympics but didn't get to run because Germany fucked up. Brutal beat since that's the pinnacle for track athletes. Luckily for Alica she has some inspiration. That inspiration is new Kings coach Mike Brown, who showed the trick to get fast: 

You gotta turn the fucking jets on! Turn on the fucking jets! Look at that man run. That's a gazelle. That's speed at its finest. This is how you turn the Kings around. You got all these young guys with Fox, Mitchell, Huerter, Murray, Monk, etc. Play fast! The only way you can play fast is turn the fucking jets on. That said, I can't stop laughing that this went viral basically a day after someone asked what would the regular person run the 40 in. Looks like we have an answer. Low 4s only. 

Alica should drop all of her coaches and immediately go get Mike Brown. You can't teach speed without Mike Brown. This is how you get faster. This is how you make the Olympics. If he can deal with LeBron surely he can handle Alica Schmidt. 

Do the right thing Alica. Turn on the fucking jets.