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The Shortest-Serving Prime Minister In British History Being A Cleveland Browns Fan Is The Least Surprising Thing Of All Time

Well, at least Condoleezza Rice has her Defensive Coordinator for when she takes over as the next Browns head coach. There's no word from Schefter, yet, but I suspect that's what's next in line for Truss. And honestly, with the Browns defense being ranked #31 in the league, could she really do any worse?

Here's the facts: the only thing that the people of Britain can do this morning is look in the mirror and blame themselves. When you elect a Browns fan to run your country, it is going to crash and burn. Have they not seen the type of leadership the Browns have employed over the years? Hue Jackson, Freddie Kitchens, and now Liz Truss. Add her name to the quarterbacks jersey, too.

And it's not like Liz grew up in Northeast Ohio. She had 32 different team to choose from, and she chose the absolute worst one imaginable. Truly the most embarrassing organization in all of sports. That would be like me choosing a soccer team and finding out which one comes in last every single year. Then again, the game Truss attended in Cleveland was the one in which Baker Mayfield came in and beat the Jets for the Browns first win in 19 games, unlocking the Victory Fridges across the city.

I guess I can't blame her when he one game happened to be the best night in franchise history, but still, that doesn't mean she gets to be Prime Minister. Browns fans are losers, and losers can't run countries. In fact, I urge congress to make an amendment to the requirements to serve as the United States President. A natural born citizen, 35 years old, a resident, and NOT a Cleveland Browns fan.