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STATEMENT: Justin Fields Stinks

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I know the following:

1. Outside of Darnell Mooney, Fields has zero receiving weapons
2. The Bears OL probably stinks 
3. I'm FAR from some football savant and don't know the first thing about projecting a QB
4. Fields is a great, GREAT athlete

That doesn't mean I don't know how this movie ends, because I do. I've seen it roughly 100 times and the ending is really, really sad. 

Look, I don't want Justin Fields to stink. He's a damn kid. Young as fuck. Tough as nails. Says all the right things in the media about how he's sick of losing. But he hasn't done anything yet. He's had 16 career starts through this week and he STILL has yet to throw for 300 yards in a single one. In fact, he's barely cracked 200 yards in a game this year:

I'm sorry, but these stats ain't good. They're really, really bad. They're not the stats of a QB that turns into a franchise QB and puts the Bears into a position where people think they're legit Super Bowl contenders. Again, he has no weapons. But so far... this ain't it. Not to me it ain't, anyways. 

I would love to be wrong though. Loooove to be wrong. I just don't think I am. He'd be a historically outlier if he finds it and turns into that franchise QB, and I don't like arguing exceptions to rules. 

But I don't think I will be. Sure, there's been small, incremental improvements made by him over the last few weeks but none that make me say "that's the guy" personally. He's still holding on to the ball WAY too long, as referenced by this graphic:

Now if this graphic should be taken with a grain of salt, you tell me. I know the Bears WR can't get separation and that factors into the equation, and though that may be true... Fields is still missing a LOT of WR who do get open. I just typed in "Fields missed read" into Twitter and found all these examples:


And we've seen BAD picks like this one: 


There was no pressure at all and he had a WR open EARLY. That would have been an easy score!!! 

And that doesn't even get into how Kmet was ALSO open…. but Fields was late. Really late. 

Not good. 

I don't know. Maybe I'm being too harsh (plausible). Maybe I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about (very plausible). Maybe it's a combination of both. But like I said… I've seen this movie before. I know the Bears suck. I know they have one of the youngest teams in the league, a shit ton of cap space after this season, and I know Fields still has time.

I just have a baaaaaad feeling about him. I hope the 3 dingbats that I cohost Red Line with are correct and I'm wrong, but I don't see it at this juncture. I'm sorry, I just don't. If that makes me a negative nancy, so be it. I'd rather be a negative Nancy that speaks to what I think is the truth instead of throwing bullshit out there like so many people did with Mitch.

Just my $0.02