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VIDEO: Deshaun Watson Got A Speeding Ticket In Ohio For Going 97 MPH

So although this is coming out today, this actually happened in June, a few months after Deshaun Watson was traded to Cleveland. Me personally, I would be walking/driving the straight and narrow if I were Deshaun Watson. Only crossing in the crosswalks, paying for all my music and movies, and making sure every straw wrapper finds a trash can. No crime is too small if you're Deshaun Watson anymore. If this story came out about 99% of NFL players today, it wouldn't be front page news, but for Watson, this will be just another example of him thinking he's above the law and not respecting limits. Cue the "he was late to his massage" jokes on Twitter and cue the "bad decision maker" takes on sports talk shows.

And before anyone tells me to get off my high horse and that speeding is not in the same category of crime as sexual assault, no shit. HOWEVER, let's not brush off 97 mph with multiple passengers in the car. This guy wasn't going 76 in a 65 like the majority of our speeding tickets are. This guy was traveling at a dangerously high speed and one misstep and it's not a ticket, it's a life.

You know the saying that nothing good happens after midnight? We gotta start teaching kids that nothing good happens over 80 mph. How many examples of this from professional athletes do we need? Yeah, Watson got lucky with a RIDICULOUS $180 fine, but think about the other cost he could have paid, for himself or someone else.

Same thing with Myles Garrett...

I think going 100+ mph in a car is the most selfish thing you can do. Deshaun's will be eventually brushed off because no one got hurt, Myles' is no big deal because only he got hurt and it was minor, but there's devastating examples of what happens if you're not so lucky. Enter: Henry Ruggs

Give me a billion dollars and I swear I still wouldn't go 100 mph in my car. It's just dumb.