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A Sale Is Made On Every Call. Watch This Maniac’s Sales Conference Speech, And Tell Me Who’s Gonna Close? You Or Him?

A lot of big shots are gonna hate on this guy, but I’ll be honest. This lunatic can play for my team any day.

Imagine if the boys over at the J.T. Marlin shop were still around? This guy would be running his own floor, commanding an entire brigade of CUNY’s finest in fleecing Grammy and grampy of their retirement savings because they’ve got a can’t miss penny stock for them.

 This guy’s energy and enthusiasm is off the fucking charts. If you’re in a sales roll, and you’re not attacking sales calls this very same way, I think you have to take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself “what are you made of?”

Can you and will you “destroy the competition?”


Do you believe you can close anybody?

Do you think you’re the real life wolf of wall st like this guy?

Do you eat quota’s up for breakfast and shit them out like this guy? 

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p.s. - what a great freakin movie “Boiler Room” was-