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Brooklyn Dumpster Fire: The Nets Got Their Dicks Kicked In By The Pelicans Last Night, But Somehow Fivio Foreign's Halftime Performance Was Worse. Possibly The Worst of All Time.

Fivio who??? Who the fuck is that? Who cares? Play "Freebird". - intellectually superior, barstool commenter, with far better musical taste

For those that don't know FIvio Foreign has been dubbed as being "up next". 

He was one of the many that recorded verses for Kanye's first Donda album, and one of the few who made the cut. 

He arguably stole the show by having (in my opinion) one of the best verses on the whole album on "Off The Grid".

He just dropped a song that's fuckin fire with Kanye and Alicia Keys, "City of Gods". 

Very similar in structure to "Off The Grid", with that same "NY drill" sound. But Alicia Keys is great as always, Kanye kills his verse, and it's a great ode to New York City.

So it made perfect sense that the Nets wanted Fivio to perform it at halftime on their opening night.

But holy shit did it go off the rails. And quick.

First off, are we positive that was actually him? We sure that wasn't a lookalike standing they just threw out there because the real Fivio Foreign no-showed? That would make a lot more sense than the train wreck we just witnessed.

This legit sounded like bad karoake. 

I mean how can you honestly listen to that and not laugh your ass off?

This caption is dead on.

How did the dancers manage to keep a straight face? Better yet, how did they manage to keep the beat?

These tweets had me dying. 

Things got off to a horrendous start before the game even began with Kyrie Irving giving one of his patented, insanely cringe, used car salesman speeches to the crowd - Greenie covered it 

Spelling bee champion Matt Fitzgeral blogged last night, but Zion made his return with a vengeance scoring 25, ripping 9 rebounds, and notching 4 steals.

Ben Simmons should have stayed home as he was an astounding -26, on 4 points the entire game. He fouled out too.

This team is going to be a joy to watch suck ass for 2 months straight before imploding in on themselves with egos and infighting, resulting in a "season-ending" phantom Kyrie injury, and a Kevin Durant hostage situation trade demand. Can't wait.

Giphy Images.

p.s. - I blogged it earlier in the "Throwback Thursday" blog for Backstage but I think the previous title holder for worst halftime performance ever belonged to Nickelback. But it was bullshit.

Nickelback doesn't suck. Somewhere in the late 2000's somebody started a movement where it somehow became cool to trash and hate on the band. It's still a mystery how it gained so much steam but it reached its pinnacle at the 2011 Lions Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit where they were booed unmercifully and cut their set short to just one song.

It reached a fever pitch where people seriously started a petition to ban Nickelback from playing the game and got a decent amount of publicity, so fans came in raring to boo.

So, although their performance wasn't bad at all. The crowd's reaction to it was, making it known as the disaster it was. Hey Detroit, glass houses guys.

Honorable mention goes to that same year's Super Bowl Halftime show featuring Black Eyed Peas. Train wreck.

 p.p.s.- thanks to @iampeterr for reminding us of the 21 Savage halftime performance at an Atlanta Hawks