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The Dumbass European Super League Is Attempting To Restart And Launch In 2024, Hopefully It Fails Miserably Again

[Source] - A new European Super League with no permanent membership could be up and running by the 2024-25 season, the chief executive of the company behind the failed project has revealed. Reichart's first remit is to initiate talks with football stakeholders across Europe and while he is aware discussions can continue without input from England's big six, he is hopeful they will engage.

In the end Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are the only original members still signed up to the project, but they insist learnings have been taken from the failure of 18 months ago.

'Initially the dialogue can work without them (English clubs). I will talk to clubs in other countries but this is not an exclusive initiative at all, it is an inclusive initiative.

'Of course the situation of the English clubs and the Premier League is a strong example of how attractive a club-run competition could actually look like and what difference it makes if you have the best playing each other week after week in a way.

'I would love to have their point of view as well, let's see. Let's kick it off today.'

Reichart is also not against dialogue with UEFA despite the looming European Court of Justice date.

Here we go again. You may remember the Super League debate last year - it included protests, upcoming trials, fights and failure. Somehow, technically, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are still in this. They never technically dropped out of the Super League like the Premier League teams. So now they have a new CEO and they are trying to launch it back up within two years?

Good luck. 

In case you forgot or don't know what the Super League is/was here's the TL;DR - top clubs across Europe came together to create their own conference. It was a money play. They want to make as much money as possible since they felt UEFA was taking too much from them. The clubs included (originally): Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Tottenham, Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Inter, Man City and Man U. 

Sounds great on paper. I mean we love Champions League. We love seeing the best play the best. That's true in all of sports. But, soccer is different than every other sport. Imagine it a bit like college football. What if we had a conference of Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, Michigan, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, etc. 12 of the biggest names. Sounds awesome right? Except you lose every rivalry. You lose what makes college sports, college sports. That's why people are so against conference realignment. We can now make this even more aggressive when it comes to soccer. 

Watch these to have Gary Neville - someone associated with soccer and is a soccer guy through and through- explain it better: 

The fact is it will never work. People can joke about soccer in America, but this is a European thing. They fucking love the sport and that's an understatement. That's why even quotes like this, which again, sounds great on paper isn't just going to happen: 

Reichart said the revamped Super League project will be more inclusive with "sporting merit applied," which was one of the main criticisms of the initial plan.

Reichart confirmed that the Super League would not be played at the weekends and hence not affect the domestic competitions.

I mean, that just sounds like LIV. Playing on the weekdays means there will be minimal views compared to weekend stuff. People aren't going to care if there's still Premier League or whatever other league these guys are coming from. Tottenham vs Milan sounds awesome, but if they are still playing in the Premier League and Serie A why would fans care about this? 

So now we wait and watch. If the Premier League teams don't budge and stay where they are there's 0 chance this works. If they start to leave (looking at the Glazers) then we're going to see a massive fight again. Good luck launching this in 2024 and personally I can't wait to see it fail again. Soccer - while not perfect - is set up ideally for a fan. Relegation/promotion. The ability to qualify and advance for Champions League. I love it so let it go.