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BARSTOOL FINANCE- I Am Not Sure The Economy Is "Strong As Hell"

Barstool Finance dropping two episodes a week was always an inevitability, and on top of our normal benign market commentary, Tyler, Ian, and I will also mix in any interviews we host with esteemed members of the investment community every Thursday as well.

This week, we chat about how Bloomberg economists saying there is 100% chance of recession in the next 12 months is a not-so-bold prediction since we are already firmly in a recession.

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And we talk to a real-life cowboy who breaks down Tyson Food's recent $244,000,000 "ghost cattle" scandal where a Washington rancher fraudulently charged the company for approximately 265,000 head of cattle that did not exist… The rancher's count was…

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For both of our loyal listeners, I will tell you in advance that Monday's episode will drop on Tuesday of next week because I am traveling, and if you need to catch up on any previous episodes, the YouTube channel has every fucking last one of them.

Enjoy T-HERS-day…

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