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The Padres Can Thank This Fan's Big Ole Rally Belly For Their Comeback

This NLCS is full of "Team Of Destiny" vibes, plenty of good juju to go around in this series. But nothing gets that good juju going like a nice little rally belly. You lift the tarp and get your pasty white belly out there for the pitcher to see and he's as good as done. 

That is what this fan did behind the plate during the Padres huge 5th inning. They were down 4-2 heading into the bottom of the 5th when this San Diegan unleashed the belly. It was game over from there. Five run inning to put them up 7-4 and that was all they needed to take Game 2. Little did they know all they needed in the game was someone's dad to have a few too many adult sodas to get the team going again. They looked asleep in Game 1 and dead in the water early in Game 2....and then the belly made its appearance. 

If the Padres were smart they would have this guy behind the plate for every game going forward. Need your team to get a big hit? Let the man lift up his shirt and rub that belly. Get this guy a plane ticket to Philly for the next few games and give him a ring if the Padres end up winning it all. Preferably a belly button ring.