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Blue Checkmark Attacks Our Beloved McRib, Internet Responds Accordingly

When I saw his caption saying, "Can this even be considered food?", I got a little nervous. I'm not a fanatic or anything, but I have dipped my toe into the McRib fanfare pretty much every time it's made a comeback and have eaten my fair share of 'em. 

So was I about to click that video & see a blob of goo with part of a hoof sticking out of it being molded into a rib shape & then sprayed with brown paint or something? Was I about to witness a McDonald's employee pulling the 2 delicate, lil pickle slices out from behind their balls and then pulling their buttcheeks apart to let the onions fall onto the bun? Was I going to regret every McRib I've ever consumed? 

Ignorance is bliss & I didn't want to see 'how the sausage was made', but I couldn't help myself; I clicked. And.... it wasn't some awful reveal at all. In fact, I was simply thrilled to see them wearing gloves, and it kind of made me want to order one for lunch. 

Giphy Images.

In fact, almost everyone (nearly 3M people now) who saw Mike Sington's tweet (who also probably winced in fear as they clicked) felt the same as I did. 

What was wrong with any of that? How DARE Sington shit on our McRib? Who is this entitled McLOSER?! NOBODY MESSES WITH OUR MCRIB. There are already thousands of replies and they are saucier than that long, thin tray they smoosh the McRibs into for marination purposes. 

You get the idea. 

Hopefully Sington, a former exec at NBCUniversal who considers himself an entertainment & lifestyle expert, gets with the lifestyle of us normies. In fact, I volunteer to have him over for dinner when I finally get a home with a yard. We'll swim in the above ground pool & then enjoy McRibs, McChickens (extra mayo & shredded lettuce of course) and wash it down with some Nooners & Newports while we play corn hole in the driveway. My treat.