Missouri Head Coach Dennis Gates Is Trying To Ruin Basketball With The Asinine Idea Of Trying To Double The Teams In The NCAA Tournament

Here we go again. I don't care if I make up 1% of people who can talk about this. I'm going to keep putting it on a platform hoping someone with a brain reads it and understands everything here. We don't need to double the NCAA Tournament. We don't need 136 teams in the NCAA Tournament. If you're a good coach you can be one of the 68 teams in there already. If you have great players, they find a way to win games over the 30(ish)-game regular season PLUS the conference tournament. 

There's not one good reason to expand the perfect Tournament. I know Dennis Gates was good at Cleveland State. I know he hasn't even coached a game yet at Missouri. I also know Mizzou isn't good. If they fire him for this, I'd completely get it. We can't have people in the game trying to ruin the sport with this. It's not a participation tournament. Win and you're in. That simple. You get rewarded for winning games. 

That's what makes this from Sankey so frustrating: 

A&M had complete access to the NCAA Tournament. They didn't win the SEC Tournament. Access denied. They were 20-11 in the regular season with losses to South Carolina, Mizzou and Vandy. Access denied. They had four regular season top-50 wins. Access denied. Don't tell me they didn't have access. They had as much access as anyone. They didn't make it. That's not the NCAA Tournament's fault, that's A&M's fault. 

At least we have Muss publicly speaking out about it 

The NCAA Tournament shouldn't have byes. It doesn't need to expand. It's the perfect setup (minus the First Four). You get 64 teams, 32 conference winners and 32 (36, really, but you know what I mean) at-large. Everyone has a shot to get in, just win your conference tournament. I hate that we've reached the point where this is a topic almost every media day. I hate that people are supporting it. 

There's already an argument that college basketball's regular season sort of doesn't matter. Want to get rid of it completely? Double the amount of teams in the NCAA Tournament. Who cares if you lose? Everyone makes it. We already have all these chances to prove you are a tournament team, don't need to add to it. 

Just fucking win games.