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The Winner of the Commanders Week 1 50/50 Raffle Won $14k...And Then The Commanders Check Bounced


Another day, another embarrassing story to come out of Commanders camp. Sure, this one is a little lighter than their usual "sexual assault" or "hiring PIs to track the other owners", "secretly videotaping cheerleaders while they change", "suing old ladies whose husband just died to pay for his season tickets", "sewage water dumping on the fans at the stadium", etc. But embarrassing nonetheless. Just your classic $14k check for winning a charity 50/50 raffle bouncing. But it gets better. 

You see, nothing in Washington can ever be easy. Even simple mistakes like this have simple answers, right? Wrong. Because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is ever the organization's fault. Just like Snyder coming out yesterday and saying every single thing in the ESPN report is a lie, the Commanders organization can do no wrong. This $14k bouncing? The banks fault, of course!




Incredible. Blame the bank! I'm imagining some exec being like "hey intern, Dan wants you to yell at the bank." And the intern just calls the number on the back of his Bank of America credit card and yells at whoever answers the phone. There's not critical thinking when it comes to this stupid fucking football team. No common sense. Everything is everyone else's fault. The world is out to get them. 

Just another day in the life of this god forsaken team. Come on Irsay, let's get those votes!