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Rick Pitino Loves Basketball So Much, He Spent Media Day Talking About How He'd Choose To Die On The Sidelines

Look at Ricky P out here! I'm not calling it a death watch per se, but the man just loves the sport. He could be doing quite literally anything and instead he's coaching a MAAC school. That alone shows how much he wants to be in the sport. But now we have him rambling about how he'd choose to die on the sidelines? Take it down a notch, man. We can't have that happen. 

I know a hot topic right now 'is college football better because Tennessee is good.' I'm not here for that. I'm here to firmly have a stance that college basketball is better with Rick Pitino in it. He's one of the top-4 coaches for me (fucking K, Wooden, Calhoun and him). He's also good for quotes out of left field. Sure he's had controversies but that's why I don't hate him. He didn't turn Louisville into some dominant force. He sure as shit couldn't beat Kentucky while he was there. No hard feelings for taking a job. I hate him more for taking the Celtics job. He had Kentucky primed for dominance.


I also wish he was at a major school now. Put him somewhere like, I don't know, a Seton Hall. Not even an anti-Holloway thing. He's awesome. I'm just thinking of a random major school that wouldn't hurt me as a Kentucky fan. Put him there. We'd get Pitino on national TV. We'd get Pitino against other big name coaches. Instead we have him in the MAAC which is just hilarious and not fair as a fan. 

So, please, Rick. I understand you love the sport. Don't die on the sidelines.