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Joe Burrow Loves The Idea Of Bringing Harambe To The Bengals To Play Defense For A Super Bowl Run

Chris Graythen. Getty Images.

On today's Pardon My Take… JOE BURROW! The Heisman Trophy winner and Super Bowl participant joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter for the weekly "One Question With A Quarterback" segment on today's show. Each person in the room (plus Joe) got to ask one, just one, question. 

Mr. Commenter led off with an interesting hypothetical featuring the one and only Harambe, and Burrow didn't hesitate with his answer. Take a look:

Mr. Commenter: If you could get one guy for the month of December and the playoffs, so you get him for the playoffs, too, to join the Bengals: between Odell Beckham, LeBron James at tight end, or Harambe is alive again and he's playing defensive end and he's doing a three-man rotation with Trey [Hendrickson] and Sam Hubbard, who are you taking?

Joe Burrow: You got to take Harambe, right? I mean, the strength to weight ratio is just way higher than humans. 

Mr. Commenter: You got to get after the quarterback in the playoffs, you have to be able to be able to heat him up. You got to take Josh Allen or Mahomes and I think the only person that's taking Josh Allen down is probably a silverback gorilla. 

Joe Burrow: I mean, that's an easy seven sacks a game, I'm sure. 

Mr. Cat: I think we're kind of sleeping, too. Harambe could probably play two ways. You could probably have him as your left tackle as well, if you needed him. 

Joe Burrow: Depends in how great his cardio is. 

Mr. Cat: That's true.

Mr. Commenter: That's a good point, yeah. Like, does he have all the current injuries that he currently has. Because if so, he'd probably run out of breath pretty quick.

Harambe would be an absolute beast on the Cincinnati Bengals. He could certainly protect Joe Burrow from getting sacked all game long. Good luck to being on the opposite side of the line to him. It was great having Burrow back on the show for One Question With A Quarterback. Hopefully he will return soon.