I Appreciate This Islanders Reporter's Bravery For Finally Making Dick Necklaces Fashionable

Introducing Shannon Hogan. I don't know much about her because I rarely find myself watching Islanders games that don't feature the Philadelphia Flyers. But she works for MSG Networks, and last night she rocked a big ol' set of cock and balls around her neck during the Islanders pregame show. 

You know when girls go away on bachelorette parties and they turn EVERYTHING into dicks. It's funny because they're girls and it's a penis. They have dick straws, and dick balloons, and dick this and dick that. Well this looks like a necklace you'd get on a bachelorette party in Nashville. Either that or a last minute gift purchase at Spencer's. Apparently, however, the story goes that this was a gift from her mom. 


Alright, Momma Hogan. I see you. 

Now here's the thing. This rock hard cock necklace is the exact sort of thing that can start a magical run in sports. Every great sports team needs a weird little something to rally behind. I don't know about you, but if I were the New York Islanders I'd think about trying to purchase that dick necklace off of Shannon Hogan. Chances are she's probably not going to wear it on the broadcast anymore. But you get it from her and then that becomes the thing the boys hand out to the "player of the game" in the locker room after each win. Pretty sure Oliver Wahlstrom would be the first to rock the cock. 

Still can never get used to how hideous those Islanders uniforms are. But yeah. There's a blog about a dick necklace for ya on a Wednesday. Journalism.