How Barstool Philly Got Wawa To Bring Back Hoagiefest In The Middle Of October

For some quick context, during Wawa's annual Hoagiefest this past summer (which ran from June 20 to July 31) Kyle Schwarber was on an absolute tear. He was a home run machine. And midway through, the fellas running the Barstool Philly account took notice. Hoagiefest = Homers?? Coincidence? They thought no.

Hoagiefest ended, and a few months later playoffs started and Schwarber went into a little slump and couldn't hit the ball. Some are suspecting he was injured. This was bad. We needed good juju. Cue the Barstool Philly guys again who put 2 and 2 together. 

They re-compiled his HR numbers to account for all of Hoagiefest and then sent a request into the Twitterspehere that Wawa open Hoagiefest back up for good luck.

Last night Wawa took note of the Tweet and at 7:35PM Hoagiefest Swharberfest was back on:

Lo & behold, less than 3 hours after Wawa dropped prices on their delicious hoagies, Schwarber dropped a 488ft bomb into the upper deck of Petco Park.

Barstool Philly was quick to update the stats: 

And now everyone Wawa adjacent is reaping all the benefits (discounts). Even better, "in honor of 'Schwarberfest' and the Phillies success, Wawa made a $25,000 contribution to Philabundance". They help feed over 100K people in the Philly area.

I asked the Barstool Philly guys if they thought Wawa would respond or actually do anything when they first started this whole thing & they said they weren't expecting anything at all, so I have to agree with Michael here when I say "bravo" to them. Shoutout Derek Shuman & Kyle Carney who've done an awesome job on that account. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get my $6 classic chicken salad hoagie with American cheese, shredded lettuce, bacon, pickles, salt, pepper, honey mustard, oil & vinegar.