EXCLUSIVE: Ben Volin's "Report" That The Whole Building Hates Mac Jones Is Based On A Stoolie's Fake DM

If you heard this on Greg Hill this morning it was a real mess. Volin, very sheepishly, said he got a DM (according to the tweet "from someone that would know" but I didn't hear that in the audio, might've been in a different part of the interview) that "everyone in the building knows it." I retweeted it because it was pretty dumb, particularly considering that as the same time this interview was happening Jason McCourty was on Good Morning Football saying he was hanging out with the team on Monday night and everyone loves everyone.  

Then a stoolie hit me up and said the whole thing was his DM that he just made up and didn't even think Volin would run with it. 

I thought nothing could stun me with Volin but this is STUNNING. I've done a little more reporting than Ben did (DM'd with Nolan more than once) and I wholeheartedly believe that this isn't a photoshopped DM or anything like that. He's legit stunned Volin ran with it. I mean Nolan uses #haters in the fuckin messages! You don't think that maybe you're getting put on just a little bit here, Ben? Not a single part of the DM makes sense. Coaches are talking to season ticket sellers? Mac Jones' "camp" was absolutely terrified of Bailey Zappe getting playing time? COACHES LISTEN TO SECOND YEAR PLAYER'S "CAMPS"??? None of it is logical. None. Zip, zilch, zero. 


That's because it's all fake. 

PS - remember when "real" reporters used to get so bent out of shape about the existence of blogs because they were "shit-stirrers who didn't have any sources"? The Boston Globe is now using fake stoolie DMs on EEI.