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According To Football Analytics Nerds, Daniel Jones Has Lowkey Been Balling This Season

This blog has been no stranger to Daniel Jones slander over the years. However as the founder of the Daniel Jones Hype Group and someone that has remained on The Danwagon through the good, the bad, and the Jason Garrett Years, I thought it was important to give him some love now that the all knowing football analytics community seems to think he's playing well despite his traditional numbers being as meh as his receiving corps.

Do I know what most of those abbreviations stand for let alone mean? Heavens no! But putting up those types of numbers despite throwing to nothing but practice squadders and tight ends for most of the season is impressive. Is that the product of my little lamb blossoming in his fourth year like many QBs do, Brian Daboll being the exact presence Daniel needed on the sideline, or Mike Kafka being light years ahead of that bum Jason Garrett? Probably all of the above.

Now I know stats aren't for everyone, so for the people that like to use the traditional measure to rate a quarterback, we'll use QB Wins metric where Daniel Jones is :flips to the NFL Standings section of my New York Post since QB Wins people definitely still read newspapers: 5-1 this year and comes through in nut cutting time.

Even the number 1 NFL podcast in the universe full of Football Guys Guys has my sweet Daniel in the Elite category!

I'll have to ask Steven Cheah what the tape heads think of Danny's performance so far, but I think it's time to start putting #RE8PECT on Daniel Jones' name. Or at the very least stop the lazy narratives about him being a turnover machine because he fumbled a lot as a rookie like tons of rookie quarterbacks do, let alone rookie quarterbacks behind an absolute dogshit offensive lines before sentenced to two years of Jason Garrett.

Speaking of not making your mind up on a player because he struggles as a rookie, it seems the nerds also love Andrew Thomas, who tons of fans and mamalukes in the media wrote off at the beginning of HIS rookie year because he struggled facing players like TJ Watt, Bud Dupree, Khalil Mack, and God knows what other superhumans from that weird 2020 season.

As it turns out, Daniel Jones leading the Giants to a win over the Washington Whatever Their Names Were back in 2019 was the best thing he could've done for himself and the franchise since having a stud left tackle is much more important than an injury prone pass rusher.  

h/t The Daniel Jones Hype Group for most of these stats and for staying strong during some dark days