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Former Patriots RB Quentin Hines, Now of the Rivals League, Brings a Stripper to a Rally at a HS, and People Have a Problem With That for Some Reason

Source - An ex-NFL player is taking heat after his organization brought a stripper to an event hosted at a high school in the Detroit area.

Quentin Hines, former running back for the New England Patriots and CEO of the minor league football organization Rivals Professional Football League, said that the recruiting service for the league hosted an event at Mount Clemens High School, where a woman wearing little clothing was seen dancing, according to FOX 2.

The incident happened during the football league’s Peezy’s Sweetie’s Day Bash. ...

“I don’t think she was a stripper. She was one of her dancers that was underdressed, and it’s unfortunate,” Hines said. “I did not know that someone would come that underdressed to dance with him.” 

The stripper was dancing to lyrics which contain “twerk that pu–y baby,” and dancing in a suggestive manner on the shirtless man.

The event was not sponsored by the school, and there were not students present at the event. 

Mount Clemens Community Schools Superintendent Monique Beels said that the organization is banned from using its facilities in the future, and that the district would be reviewing how the activities took place.

First of all, I have no idea who Quentin Hines is. I pay attention to the Patriots roster as much as anybody and I've never heard his name. He's got no entry on Pro Football Reference. Put him into the search bar on the Patriots official site and you get an article in German and a video Rhamondre Stevenson picking up seven yards against Green Bay. He might have walked onto the practice field one day in training camp and was sent home without breaking stride, for all I know. So let's dispense with the "ex-NFL player," sobriquets, thanks. 

That said, let's relax about this, shall we? Save your outrage for something that matters, if that's not to much to ask. There's no need to flop onto the fainting couch over this one. Just a little harmless fun. An "underdressed" woman twerking on a guy's crotchal region while he's singing about pussy is no reason to get into an uproar. Just some good, wholesome, promotional fun:

This is how you build a pro sports league in the modern era. Don't think for one hot second that if any of the established league's were in their infancy, they wouldn't be putting on the same kind of events. I'm sure that if guys like George Halas and Curly Lambeau wish they'd thought of Quentin Hines' approach when they were trying to get the NFL off the ground in the early '20s. Grab some burlesque dancer and have her grind up on Al Jolson while he belts out "Toot Toot Toosie Goodbye." Then maybe it wouldn't have taken pro football 50 years to become America's dominant sport. Something the Rivals League will become soon if they keep up these entertaining shenanigans. 

Besides, what's the harm. There were no kids from the school there. And even if the whole student body was assembled in that gym, do we think they haven't been exposed to twerking and lyrics about pussy by now? Or strippers "underdressed" professional dancers. Simple math would tell you it's a probability that some of the students either were either raised by, are, or will become exotic dancers. Not to mention some of their teachers might be doing a side hustle on OnlyFans as we speak. If anything, this could have exposed them to the career options if you choose that line of work as your vocation. It's a good, honest day's pay. And former non-Patriots running back Quentin Hines is in the business of hiring them. And it looks like business is good.