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Investigating Will Compton's Claim That Ohio Is NOT Part Of The Midwest And Breaking Down The Correct US Region For The State

I don't know if there's anything argued about more than what is Ohio. I hear it all the time, I see it all the time. Now we have Will coming in with a take that's mostly correct but I'm here to set the record straight. I've lived in Cincinnati for 12+ years at this point. I've lived all in the Northeast, Kentucky and here. I feel safe in my report and I've thought long and hard about it. 

Ohio is not the Midwest. But Ohio can't be labeled as one thing. 

You see, Ohio is separated into three parts. Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. Sure there are cities like Youngstown, Akron, Toledo, Dayton, etc. But when discussing the region breakdown it's those three. Will makes compelling arguments - besides the whole Middle East part. It's not that bad here! We need to move on from the 1800s. We're not the NCAA. We can adapt and figure out new maps and new thoughts. 

Let's start with what I know the most.

Cincinnati - Actual Region: Mid South

I say it all the time, but Cincinnati/Kentucky, parts of Tennessee/WV/Indiana are the Mid-South. We're not full South, but we're for sure not Midwest. We get the grey in the winter and not a lot of snow. We sound South to those from the North, but not from the South to those truly from down there. (Basically we don't sound like Mintz/Brandon). Cincinnati sits literally a throw away from the Kentucky line. I still lose my shit every time I fly out of CVG and have to go into Kentucky. We need to fix that. What we don't need to fix is Large understanding some fine mid-south cuisine: 

Get that shit off pasta and put it on a coney though. But this is the fact. Cincinnati is Mid-South and I won't hear an argument against that. 

Columbus - Actual Region: Midwest

I struggled with this one. I asked someone from the area and they came up with the word Corn Belt. But it's basically just Ohio State and strip malls. It's the same as whatever you want to call Indianapolis without a couple pro sports teams. There's really no comparison to Columbus besides Indy. Their region might as well just be Columbus. However, I'm going Midwest for this one because it actually fits. They are in the Big 10 - the real Big 10. Not the Rutgers/Maryland Big 10. It's basically the most east version of it. Maybe like East Midwest? 

Cleveland - Actual Region: Great Lakes

I was going to put West Buffalo but I knew that would lead to A LOT of anger and I wouldn't do that to the fine people of Buffalo and my dickhead friends from Cleveland. They suffer enough. I actually think Cleveland is a wildly underrated city because we all know that one viral video. It's not as fun as Cincinnati to me, but it's a good ass time if you know where to go. But it's quite literally on a lake. It's how we hear 'the mistake on the lake' with the Browns. Maybe it's because I know too many of them but the people of Cleveland aren't midwest nice. They have too much asshole in them. But it's pretty simple that they are in the Great Lakes region with Buffalo and Detroit and that area. 

Like Will says it's not the 1800s. We don't need to define the entire state by a region. Look at Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Philly couldn't be more different. We're not putting both in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic, however you want to call it. Therefore this is the correct answer to Will's argument. Put the smaller cities in the correct area on these three. 

Sidenote - I'm starting to hate Eastern time the older I get even though that's all I know. But the one benefit is Cincinnati is so far west on it that it's awesome in the summer. Can golf until like 8:45 or so and you have sunlight for so long. It's perfect in the Summer. But I want my games to end earlier. 

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