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Song Credits Have Been Released For Taylor Swift's "Midnights" Album Which Include Zoe Kravitz As Well As A Ton Of People Who Have Worked With Drake And Kendrick Lamar

Okay "a ton" may be pushing it, but FOUR different men who have worked extensively with prominent hip hop artists? It sounds like Lavender Haze and Karma are going to be for angry fucking on the dance floor and I'm READY. I don't know much about Zoe Kravitz's musical background (LMAOOOO JK) but look at what these guys have done:

Mark Anthony Spears - also known as Sounwave, works a lot with Kendrick, has a grammy, not bad not bad 

Jahaan Sweet - Oh, he actually chills with both Drake and Eminem in his free time after he's done with Post Malone, Beyonce, Kendrick, Ed Sheeran, blah blah blah

Sam Dew? Ohhh right, he's been spending time with Wale for a while but he decided to come check out Taylor's new shit

What about Keanu Torres? (I actually had to dig pretty hard for Keanu Torres, he goes by Keanu Beats usually and weirdly doesn't have any kind of wikipedia? But here's what I found):

It sounds like a lot of these people worked together on either the Lion King, with Drake, or with Kendrick Lamar and now…they all come together for Taylor Swift. I'm psyched, I'm also excited that I spent the time looking these people up. I feel like Taylor really makes sure to go out of her way to highlight the people she creates her music with and I really respect that.

Not to go unnoticed, William Bowery (Joe Alwyn) is back with "Sweet Nothing." You know what that makes us wonder…..