Watching This Side Angle Of Kyle Schwarber’s 488 ft. HR Will Take Your Breath Away

Kyle Schwarber hit a moonshot 488 foot bomb tonight into the upper deck last night. It was so majestic and one of the prettiest HR’s I had ever seen. Even though you expect it from Schwarber at this point, he still amazes you in the playoffs. And I say all that before even seeing this side angle. I mean you can clearly see the ball off the bat and into the upper deck. At no moment do you lose track. It’s as clear as day. Easier than watching ESPN+ golf coverage on a Thursday morning where every iron shot looks sautéed right. I could keep going but you get it. Never seen anything like it in my entire life. 163 yards of October aggression shit pumped into right field. Most guys that’s a 7-iron. Yes another golf reference.

That’s the 2nd farthest playoff HR in Statcast history. And even with the data, I’m still inclined to say this was #1. Very hard to believe someone ever hit a ball further but again that’s why you write this stuff down.


Speaking of which. Make a note to join the next Starting 9 stream. Last night it was Jake, Smitty, Shane Greene and myself. Two meathead barstool guys and two big leaguers putting on an absolute clinic of watching playoff baseball. You’ll hear more about it this week so just be cool and keep your eyes peeled.

In the meantime here’s the pod. We break down all the MLB playoff stuff you could ask about.