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You Won't Sleep Again After Seeing What An Ant's Face Looks Like In Extreme High Definition Thanks To A Nikon Photo Contest

NBC News - Each year, art and science collide in the Nikon Small World photo contest to produce breathtaking (and sometimes unnerving) microscopic images.

This year's first place prize was awarded to Grigorii Timin, supervised by Dr. Michel Milinkovitch at the University of Geneva, for his image of an embryonic hand of a Madagascar giant day gecko.

Timin used image stitching to merge hundreds of images together to create the final image. "The scan consists of 300 tiles, each containing about 250 optical sections, resulting in more than two days of acquisition and approximately 200 GB of data," said Timin.

I love stuff like this. I could geek out for hours seeing what microscopic things we hardly pay attention to or can't even notice look like up close. 

Or I thought I did.

That all changed when I saw this picture of what an ant's face looked like in real life.


Giphy Images.

Here I've been going through life with the image of the ant from "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" (hero) in my head.

Meanwhile, in actuality these things look like the spawn of satan. The epitome of nightmare fuel. 

Here it is again.

p.s. - call me a bitch but the butterfly egg is beautiful.