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A Bunch Of Protestors Shut Down A Bridge In The UK, So The Local Residents Logically Responded By Shooting Fireworks At Them


As you can see, protesting is the hottest shit in the streets these days. I'm not talking about your typical protesting where you hold a sign while chanting catchy phrases like "Hell no, we won't go". We have full blown stunts being pulled in public places to get rises out of people and go viral for their causes.

I said in my Pulitzer nominated blog about these schmucks dumping milk in grocery stores that sooner or later normal people were going to get sick of this shit. If you want to make a change, run for office or bother the everliving shit out of the people dumb enough to run for office. But bothering normal people that are willfully ignore the world going to hell in a handbasket by going to art galleries, getting coffee, hitting the grocery store, attending basketball games or anything else to get their mind off the daily grind that is their lives was going to backfire sooner or later.

Which takes us to the UK where some lads got pissed off at the blokes that shut down their bridge and decided to launch fireworks at them. I'm not talking bottle rockets or Roman Candles either. I'm talking some real deal 4th of July grade fireworks that we shoot off in the states to celebrate our independence from our UK oppressors once upon a time.

Now to be clear, I'm not condoning shooting fireworks at people that are doing something you don't like, even though it is objectively funny to watch thousands of miles away. But based on how these protestors are crippling the day-to-day lives of some people, this feels like a fair response.


Me personally? I would've gone The Sopranos route because I'm a non-violent pussy.

However the threat of burning up in a rocket's red glare seems to be a lot more effective than listening to the sweet crooning of Dean Martin. To each their own I suppose.