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While Ime Udoka Is In The Doghouse, Cam'Ron Is Sliding Into Nia Long's DM's

Complex-  Cam’ron tried to shoot his shot with Nia Long by sliding into her DMs, and shared his message to her on Instagram. 

“Hey stink. I was giving you some time to yourself till I reached out,” Killa Cam wrote. “Your perseverance as a strong black woman through this turbulent time has been something to behold.”

“You shouldn’t be taken advantage of and exploited as you did nothing to deserve this,” Cam’ron added in his messages. “Especially all over these sports networks. You’re bigger and better then [sic] that.”

Sources told TMZ that Udoka was allegedly unfaithful with a staff member who was responsible for organizing Long’s travel for away games, as well as helping assist with her permanent move to Boston.  

“You’re a queen, and by the way I’m a king. Together we can achieve the greatness we were both destine for as a couple,” the rapper continued. “As I sit here sipping gazpacho and watching ‘the best man’ I was inspired to reach out, because that’s what I am the best man for you!! Hope to hear from you soon my Mi- amor or should I say ‘Ni-amour.”

Cam’ron revealed she has yet to respond.

Djamilla Rosa Cochran. Getty Images.

This is not the man you want pursuing your lady under any circumstances. Never mind when you're in the doghouse for having an affair. 

Especially when this is the prize.

Jason LaVeris. Getty Images.

The unacquainted might take a look at the pink fur, and the childish DM and laugh. But don't be fooled. 

Cameron Giles is the same man responsible for such poetry as:

Never been to Sesame Street but I flip a Big Bird. And I know "stealers" and they not from Pittsburgh.


Baby boy, go hire a squadron
My crib got more poles than a fire department.


 "Fox, minks, gators, that's necessary. Accessories, my closet is pet cemetary"


"Wanted to hit it from the back, she agreed that I'm loony… but proceeded to moon me!"

and of course -

Canary burgundy, I call it lemon red
Yellow diamonds in my ear, Call em lemonheads
Lemonhead end up dead, Ice like Winnipeg
Gemstones, Flinstones, You could say I'm friends with Fred

Two words for you.

Word Smith.

Exactly what a sophisticated woman like Nia is looking for on the rebound.