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Jim Irsay Has Publicly Called For Dan Snyder's Removal And Is Going To Talk To The Other Owners About Voting For It!!!!





That's amazing. Was only a matter of time before one of those old wackadoos decided enough was enough, dig up dirt on me, I don't give a fuckkkk. And nobody more perfect to be that old wackadoo than Jimmy Irsay. That guy's life is as public as can be and is all out of fucks to give. And if he is openly saying he wants Dan Snyder out of the Ol' Boys Club, that means he really, REALLY hates Dan Snyder. 

And it gets better- he wants to talk to the other owners and vote on it!


FOS - “I believe that there is merit to removing him,” Irsay told reporters gathered for the NFL owners meetings on Tuesday.

“I just think that once owners talk amongst each other they will arrive at the right decision. Unfortunately, that’s the road that we need to go down.”

An NFL owner has never been removed and 24 votes would be needed to remove Snyder.

“I think there potentially could be, but we’ll see,” Irsay said when asked if at least 24 owners would vote to remove Snyder.  


WOW. That's the real bombshell. That he is openly like "yeah I'll talk to the fellas and see what they think". 

It's never felt more like a possibility that Snyder is on his last legs. Will they be able to get 24 owners to vote against him? Maybe not at this EXACT moment, but never say never. Another report comes out…and then another…and then another. Little by little, they will get fed up with him. I like that we finally have a starting point though. We have 1 owner down, 23 to go!