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We Think Selena Gomez Approached Hailey Bieber First, Ending A Fan Feud After Years Of Speculation

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The picture that broke the internet. 

After years of Selena Gomez & Hailey Bieber's fans feuding over who truly belongs with Justin Bieber all was peaceful in the world. Although there really was no real beef between Selena & Hailey, this picture truly shocked us & something we did not see coming. If we had to assume, we believe that Selena approached Hailey the two were chatting, & Hailey's friend & photographer Tyrell was with her & the two decided to snap some pictures. We love it & to all those out there saying Justin Bieber should've been in the picture we highly disagree. This was a girl moment. Hailey & Selena needed or wanted this to show they support each other & there's no bad blood. Justin did not belong here.

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