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Terrible Moments In Teen Movie History

That gem was from a movie I had never heard of before Hubbs asked me to check out that clip for a blog. That iconic scene was from Bring It On: All Or Nothing which was a direct-to-DVD 2006 sequel to the original Kirsten Dunst cheerleader movie. I had never seen a dry heaving competition before checking out that clip but there were some other really awkward teen movies from when I was younger that are somehow even worse when watched today.

Maybe the worst movie I've ever seen is From Justin To Kelly which Kelly Clarkson was obligated to do after winning American Idol. She has since said she was "miserable" during filming and the movie is "horrible". She's not wrong. HBO played this a bunch in 2004 when they got the rights and my friends and I were just out of college. We'd watch this and drunkenly rip it apart as often as possible. The song in this clip is pretty bad but check out the lack of chemistry they have when they break into conversation at about the minute mark. 

Even when Soul Man came out in 1986, people openly questioned if it was the best idea. It didn't really ruin the careers of anyone in this movie like it would have if it came out even a few years later and it has a bigger cast then you might remember. Leslie Nielsen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Earl Jones are all in it and come out unscathed. There are a bunch of specific moments but this trailer somehow makes the awful concept look even worse. The movie really does try to be more sensitive about race than this preview makes it look.

The first Teen Wolf is a very fun movie that lucked out with getting Michael J. Fox at his peak and was unique and well-written enough to be far better than it had any right to be. Teen Wolf Too with Jason Bateman had none of these things going for it and wound up being a total mess. I like Bateman a lot but no one could have saved this.

I've never seen Crossroads and only knew it as the Britney Spears movie. I had no idea Dan Aykroyd played her father. At least in this scene…it goes pretty much how you'd expect. His accent is strange, she seems to be pretending he's not even in the car with her and I think he hit his head getting into the cab.

I really spent some time thinking about it and I still can't think I've seen anything as awkward as that initial Hayden Penettiere clip at least in movies. The only thing that I've seen come close is not from movies but from a tv show in the 1980's called Mr. Belvedere. Yes, that is Milwaukee Brewers announcing legend Bob Uecker playing the Dad. These are from a few different episodes.

And all of that led me to this great Tom Hanks/Chris Farley/Phil Hartman SNL sketch which should get the last word.