Dylan Larkin Ripped The Hearts Out Of Bettors Last Night With This Unreal Hustle

My sympathies to those who had the Kings on the puck line and/or in regulation last night. This is just an absolute kick in the nuts. Viktor Arvidsson had a clean shot at the game-sealing ENG but opted to take a few more strides for the slam dunk. Until Dylan Mutombo showed up.


Still, the Kings had another 1:30 or so to pot an empty netter. Instead, this is what happened...

Oof. Just a brutal bad beat right there. Instead of cashing the puck line and regulation only, backers got sonk'd big-time. Hopefully they at least had Kings money line to salvage something.

Also gotta give mad props to Larkin for never quitting on the play and salvaging a point, giving the Wings five out of a possible six points. And congrats to those who bet on OT happening. 

Kings puck line/regulation only bettors weren't the only ones steaming last night. In Toronto, the Leafs appeared to tie the Coyotes at 3 with 37 seconds left, thus giving OV 6.5 bettors the win. But all goals in OT or the last minute of regulation are automatically reviewed by the Situation Room (aka "Toronto"). 


So Toronto reversed the call on the Leafs. Ouch. 

And here it is in real time…


You just hate to see it (losing bets on calls like this, I mean). Here's to better luck tonight.


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