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There’s Simply No Way The Phillies Can Lose After Hearing This Padres Fan Song(?)

Was that a song? A chant? Some slam poetry?

Whatever the hell that was, it was the nail in the coffin for the 2022 San Diego Padres. You might as well call up the MLB right now and let them know they can cancel this series.

I mean it’s one thing for one fan to come up with this track. But to then find an additional 5 guys who willingly get in the video to go along with it? I can’t believe it. I simply can’t believe it.  Yet here we are with the video evidence to back it up.

All I’m saying is the last time there was a video filled with opposing fans this cringeworthy before a championship playoff series against Philly, it was Vikings fans doing their dumbass little clap on the Art Museum steps. That didn’t work out for them too well, now did it?

Fightins in 5. Not because they don’t deserve to sweep after this, but just so Philly fans have something to do on Sunday.