Alabama Fans Are Now Convinced Saturday's Referee Was Celebrating A Tennessee Touchdown In Plain Sight

Alabama fans have been complaining about the officials from Saturday's loss to Tennessee so much — soak that one in — that I'm no longer sure what's real and what's a troll, but I've seen this take from more than one person/publication, so I think they're being serious.

And honestly, I have reason to believe they're 100 percent correct. I heard from a source in Birmingham that the SEC had a plan to make sure the officials affected the outcome of the game by allowing Jalin Hyatt to run wide open the entire game and score five touchdowns. The head referee used a secret weather machine on his belt to shift the wind before Alabama's potential game-winning kick, too.

The biggest piece of evidence is that they actually made the worst call of the game go in the Tide's favor to throw everyone off their scent. It's brilliant.


You can't give the plot away by celebrating that obviously after announcing a UT touchdown, though. The ref may as well have been singing Rocky Top after the extra point.

Alabama fans should be relieved they uncovered this, honestly. They now have a clear excuse for having lost the biggest college football game of the year. Sure, Bama allowed the most points it's given up in a game since a beatdown at the hands of Sewanee in 1907, but you can see all the evidence that Greg Sankey made sure this one went in favor of the Big Orange.

Oh well! Better luck next year!