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'Fuck Em' - Tyler Kolek Gave The Best Answer At Media Day After Finding Out Marquette Was Picked 9th In The Big East

Porter Binks. Getty Images.

Tyler Kolek is an all-world shit talker guy. He went viral last year against West Virginia by singing Country Roads during a free throw: 

I'm all for shit talking and I'm all for taunting, so this played in my book. Fast forward to this year and Marquette is a year removed from basically exceeding expectations in Shaka year 1 by making the NCAA Tournament. Now they are picked 9th in the Big East and Tyler Kolek has two words for everyone.

Giphy Images.

God, there was nothing better than hitting someone with a perfectly timed suck it in the late 90s/early 2000s. Just always played, in fact it still does. Iconic. Legendary. But Kolek going straight with the 'fuck em' has me believing in Marquette. Sure they lost two stars in Justin Lewis and Darryl Morsell. Sure, they don't return a guy who scored double digits for them last year. I do like Kolek and Kam Jones as their top 2 guys and they should have someone else break out. That always happens in the Shaka system outside of Texas. 

But that doesn't matter. Not when you have Tyler Kolek straight up saying fuck em at media day. Incredible answer and frankly we need more of it. Give me the honesty, give me the real answer instead of all this safe talk. 

PS: He gets extra points because 22 is the best number to wear in basketball. 

PPS: We're trying out this TikTok thing. Decided to go with the 5 most underrated teams in the top-25/receiving votes: