Apparently No Hotel In New York Could (Or Would) Accommodate The Guardians Last Night So The Team Had To Split Up Across The City

Let me say this: I'm well aware that it's hard to get a hotel in New York City. There's almost 9 million people trying to fit into that small amount of land, and that doesn't even account for all of the trash laying around. 

Let me also say this: Major League Baseball has the ability to get this team in the same hotel. I refuse to hear otherwise. Overbooked? Give me a break. You're telling me that if this happened to the Dodgers, we'd be shipping them all over the city and saying okay everyone let's all gather at our meeting place tomorrow? No chance. Kick out the common folk and say we've got a professional baseball team in town and they're going to stay here. It would happen for the Yankees.

This is just another example of the Yankees getting favored by the rainout. They got to go home, see their families, sleep next to their wives, have a good breakfast, and return to the stadium in tip top shape. The Guardians are probably having their individual Ubers go through McDonalds on the way to the stadium.


I hope the MLB footed the bill on this one. Fifty hotel rooms on last minute notice in NYC probably cost more than our entire payroll. 

**I will say this, if any hotel had the space and told the Guardians sorry we're booked, I tip my cap to them. Win at all costs.