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Wild Croc Territory Is The Most Enthralling Television I've Watched In Quite Some Time

During normal weeknights I'm a very simple man. I'll hangout, eat some dinner, watch some sports, watch an endless amount of cooking videos on youtube before around midnight grabbing some fruit (watermelon, grapes, or cantaloupe) to enjoy before I hit the hay. What's a better compliment to some fruit than great television? That's something I've been struggling with as of late as I just can't find a damn new show...until last night. I popped open Netflix set on just enjoying my fruit to a random Seinfeld episode before I saw this Wild Croc Territory show pop up on my screen.

I was instantly intrigued much like a drunk when a bartender finally buys you back a round due to my newfound love of crocodiles or alligators or whatever the hell you want to call 'em. I was in New Orleans for a wedding over the summer, so obviously while there we had to do an alligator tour which was AWESOME. You, your pals, and a cajun man enter deep into the depths of the swamps only to be confronted by many 4-legged friends. Seeing 'em up close was super cool so as soon as I saw this show I had to tune in and let me tell ya, I cannot wait to watch more tonight.


The show follows Matt Wright, who's simply a dude that just fucking LOVES crocs, as he refers to them endlessly throughout the show. His main goal is to get problem crocs (crocs that are eating people's livestocks or fucking with humans) out of that area of the Australian Outback (great restaurant) into a safer area for all. Let me tell ya...easier said than done. The pilot follows Matt & his crew getting a problem croc called Beef Cheeks out of his area and my god it's fucking awesome to see. I don't want to ruin how the process goes but just picture a crew of Australian Cowboys wrangling a 15 foot crocodile out of his own land. It does not disappoint. One of the dudes in Matt's crew even has like 3 fingers bitten off. These dudes do not fuck around.

Oh and if you're a parent that wants to have a heart attack, there's stuff in there for you as well. Another episode Matt's having a pleasant day out in the wilderness with his wife Kaia & 2 year old son Banjo only to see randomly run into a croc that he decides to capture with just him and Kaia...as they leave Banjo like 20 feet away. Here he is with a super poisonous snake around his neck.

Wild stuff and great television. Tune in if you haven't then be prepared to say the word Crocs over and over and over and over again.