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All The Celtics Hype Videos You Need To Have You Fully Prepared For Tonight's Opener

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

I have not been able to focus all day. I know I've written blogs, but I couldn't tell you what they were about or what they said. That is what the Celtics returning does to my brain. It consumes me. Granted this is also true when they aren't playing but you get what I mean. The anticipation for tonight has completely taken over every aspect of my life. I tweeted this morning that it felt great for my life to have purpose again, and while I am self-aware enough to know how pathetic that may be to some, there are a select few out there that can relate. I see you. I won't judge you for maybe feeling the same, but instead will support you. We're on this journey together.

So, I figured this was the perfect time to continue one of my favorite yearly traditions, which is the hype video blog. There is no better way to make time go faster than to do nothing with your day other than watch incredible hype videos. There are so many talented Celts fans out there that can do shit on a computer my dumbass brain can't even comprehend, you deserve to have your work shown to the masses. 

Listen, I know some of you might be at work. I know that after watching this rundown of hype videos you may not be able to stand for several hours. You may as well call your doctor now, I just want it on record that I am not responsible for what happens with your body/job after going through this blog. I know from my own personal experience that I do not have a single wall in my house that does not have a giant body sized hole in it. That's just the price you have to be willing to play.

Alright. Let us begin. Bring on 2022-23



Live look at yours truly:

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