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James Corden Bent The Knee To Keith McNally, The Famous Restaurant Owner Who Blasted Him For Being A Complete Douche Bag On IG

CBS Photo Archive. Getty Images.

Yesterday, Kmarko wrote an awesome blog on big wig restauranteur Keith McNally's recent experience with James Corden. In it, we were made privy to James Corden being a world class phony. 

Many of you don't follow me on too microscopic of a level, and nor should you. But those that do know me on a closer level know that I fucking haaaaaattttteeeeee performative bullshit. I just loathe people - mostly celebrities - that don't walk their talk. Those kind of people are #1 on my shit list and will be perpetually. 

I don't really care about James Corden personally. His carpool karaoke videos are funny. His "late late" show is solid enough, by all measures, and that's coming from a guy who doesn't know shit about that space of entertainment. Never really got into Letterman, Leno, Kimmel or anyone else. But Corden is undoubtedly a popular dude.


But now I hate him with the fire of 1000 Mt. Vesuvius fire flame explosions. For real, fuck this guy, the sniveling little weasel, and anyone like him. Looking at you too, Ellen. Everyone knows someone like this, too, and we all detest them. People who are all jolly and goofy and full of good will in front of the camera and complete douches off it. 

Those people are the absolute worst and it's because they know they can't be themselves on camera. If they were themselves on camera, the whole world would know they're complete assholes . So they fake it. That means they actively choose to be douche bags. It's a conscious decision to be a fuck. 

That's the kind of person James Corden is apparently. Here's what happened with him at a ritzy NYC restaurant last week:

Obviously it's just one man's side of the story, but this is also the side of a story of a dude who's a public figure. It's not some Twitter egg that has a story and is potentially making shit up. It's a dude who's reputation is on the line. That's why his accounts on Corden are easy to believe. 


But now Corden apparently heard his message loud and clear and has bent the knee to McNally:  

Ha! What a spineless asshole. 

If anything, Corden should have doubled down. Told McNally to take his fancy french food and to shove it all up his ass while channelling his inner Rick James by screaming, "I'm James Corden, bitch!". 

Kidding. Kinda. I almost have more respect people who wear their douchiness on their sleeves. At least you know who and what they are, that way you can actively avoid them. They're not hiding in plain sight as douche bags amongst us, and that's better than finding out the hard way like the servers at Balthazar did. 

It's always nice to see douche bags get a healthy dose of humble pie, especially when they're celebrities. Bend the knee, bitch!!!

I only wish McNally would have realllllly let Corden stew in it, though. Let the ban reallllly hang over Corden's head. Rub his nose in it like a puppy that took a dump on the living room carpet, and though I'm a big time sucker for apologies, I wish McNally wouldn't have let him off so easily.  I wouldn't be shocked if Corden is going to take this whole "86ing" saga and think to himself, "wait, that's the worst that can happen when I'm outed for being an asshole? I just gotta make a call, apologize because I was outed and not because I'm actually sorry, and then continue on with being a dickhead? Awesome!" 

We'll see what comes of it. I assume we'll get some monologue from Corden in due time, not too dissimilar to the bullshit Ellen spewed a while back for fostering a toxic workplace. You know what I'm talking about - it'll be a monologue where Corden's waxing poetic to his audience, an audience that has an insatiable appetite for the bullshit celebrities like him spew. Round and round we go until the next time he's outed for being a pompous prick.