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America Needs The Broncos On Primetime Every Week After Proving Once Again They Are The Biggest Trainwreck In The NFL

I want to feel bad for the Broncos, but I just can't. I also can't look away. I want to watch every single Broncos game, but only as the standalone game. I don't want to have it on TV2 or other stuff on. I want all eyes on Russ, Hackett and the Denver Broncos. They are entertaining as hell because you never know how they are going to fuck up. It's like each week they find a new way. 

Like last night, how could you imagine this happening: 


Why are you even blocking there? Just catch the ball, go 3 and out with a run, short pass, incomplete deep pass and pray for a tie. It's what the Broncos do. But what you could imagine last night was this: 

Melvin Gordon was benched for Latavius Murray and Mike Boone. Jerry Jeudy has to try to catch the ball from Russ, which really, 50/50 that's a drop too. Take a look at these stats: 

Woof dude. I don't understand how he's THIS bad. I mean, sure, a downfall was expected but not directly off the cliff. Dude just stinks now. It's at the point where I'm thrilled the Giants never traded for him and kept Danny Jones. Do you know how insane that sounded a year ago? 


Oh and you can't tell me Herbert isn't trolling here: 

Nathaniel Hackett is by far the worst coach in the league. In fact I don't even think he's as good as Joe Judge, who willingly ran QB sneaks on long-to-go situations. This is what we're saying? They are well coached? They are the worst coached team in the league, to the point where their home crowd had to count down the play clock a few weeks ago. 

Like I said, I want them on Thursday Night Football every single week. If we can have MACtion, we can have the Broncos own Thursday night. You never know what's going to happen with them and the trainwreck needs to be televised to the nation.