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Michigan State Got Bullied Into Deleting A Tweet Where They Put Michigan's Logo Upside Down, Which Turns into A "W"

I hate when my two little brothers fight but I have to admit Michigan won this one. Someone in the Michigan State graphics department needs to have a brain and realize that by flipping upside down an M, you make a W. They literally gave Michigan a W. That's why Ohio State crosses out their Ms instead.

One good piece of advice is that when it doubt, do what Ohio State does.

But it's not only the graphics team that fumbled this one. The social media department needs an old fashioned ass ripping too. First of all, they tweeted it. No one looked at that graphic and said ummm why are we handing Michigan the W already? And second of all, the person who deleted it has no spine and needs to be checked into the hospital immediately. Once you press send you have to roll with it. Deleting it because Michigan fans are making fun of you concedes victory. And after watching Michigan State's football team play this year so far, they can't afford to be losing much more of anything.