There Was An Entire MLS Game Played In New York City Last Night During The Yankees Rain Delay

Move over Great Wall of China and Machu Pichu, the fact that people were able to be outside last night during the Great NYC Storm of 2022, let alone play a full soccer game, is the newest Wonder of the World. The way Aaron Boone talked from the crack of dawn until the MLB finally gave in to his wishes and called the game last night made it seem like the world was ending, even though pictures surfaced throughout the entire night that it really wasn't that bad.




That game could've been played last night if they really wanted to, and I'm not hearing otherwise. There was an entire MLS game played right down the road, ON A BASEBALL FIELD, during the delay. And before you mouth-breathers from New York try to explain to me that soccer can be played in the rain but baseball can not, let me tell you from first hand experience at Game 4 on Sunday night that it rained in Cleveland and we kept playing. MLB lets the game continue when Gerrit Cole is pitching but postpones it when the Yankees staff is shorthanded. Hmmm….