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Rob Manfred Owes Every Fan That Just Stood In The Cold And Rain For 3 Hours A Personal Apology

Well that was just about the biggest waste of time I've ever had in my entire life. Sitting around refreshing Twitter nonstop for three hours just to be told to go to bed and come back tomorrow. If this was going to be the end result, they should've made this decision at 6:00 pm. I give the MLB a big old fashioned F on their handling of this situation tonight. 

I will never feel bad for Yankees fans, but Rob Manfred owes a personal apology to each and every one of them that stayed in that stadium for the last three hours. I'm cold just thinking about it, and I'm sitting on my couch at home. Those fans were battling the chilly rain in hopes of seeing an elimination game, and they weren't even allowed to have fun:

My goodness, New York really does suck. The definition of a No Fun Zone.

Anyways, the 4:07 eastern time start tomorrow is one of the grossest things I've ever seen in my life. Nobody wins. Not the people that have day jobs. Not the winning team that has to pack up and play the very next day in Houston. And not the fans that stayed up late tonight. The only real winners tonight, and the uneducated New York fans can call bullshit all they want, was the Yankees pitching staff. The bullpen gets a needed day of rest, and the starting pitcher went from some bum to Nestor Cortes.

Disgusting. I want a full-on investigation into how much say Aaron Boone had in this decision. He was putting the narrative in the MLB's mind from about 4:30 pm on today.

Whatever. The MLB may have been able to help the Yankees tonight and postpone the game, but they're still going to make them play the game. So if they want us to beat them tomorrow, we'll beat them tomorrow.

I'm going to bed.