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Rain Delay Shenanigans: Guardians Players Are Tossing A Football Into The Stands With Yankees Fans While Travis Kelce Was Spotted On The Concourse

Will tonight's ALDS Game 5 between the Guardians and Yankees even take place this evening? Who knows. But as we wait for an answer, some players on the Cleveland side decided to get creative while waiting for the bad weather to pass through...

Myles Straw doesn't exactly have the best relationship with New York Yankees fans, but this is a win. He created a moment that these young fans will never forget, and maybe, just maybe, fans in the Bronx will not hate him anymore (OK, no shot that is happening, but never say never!). 

Pinstripe Dan is NOT a fan of the road team bonding with the home fans. He wants something to be done about this!

Meanwhile, other fans who are strolling the concourse ran into… Travis Kelce?! That's right…

The superstar Chiefs TE is from Ohio and went to Cleveland Heights High School, so he is understandably rooting for his Guardians in this do or die Game 5. If Cleveland loses, it wouldn't be the first time that Kelce's team loses to an opponent from New York this week (boom roasted).

There is still hope that tonight's game gets played. If not, we are looking at a move until tomorrow afternoon (or evening?) with the winner going straight to Houston for Game 1 of the ALCS. This is October!