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Some Asshole Yankees Fan Guaranteed Victory Over The Guardians Tonight

When did Yankees fans become such pussies. We are the New York Yankees so act like it. So what I guaranteed a win, it is against the fucking Guardians we should never lose a series to. I only did this because I am sick of the whining and up tight we are. If you're a Yankees fan you are built for October and wait all season for moments like this. I don't get why we have to be so scared and not be confident in our team. 

The Guardians are poor and don't like to spend money on their good players. The Yankees on the other hand pay a shit load of money for out guy so plain and simple we should win this game. A lot of the Yankees fans at the office are saying I am an idiot for this but again I am sick of people being scared. As a Yankees fan I told you we have a home game against the Guardians and the winner goes to the ALCS would you take it? Of course you would because it is the fucking Guardians and nobody cares about them. Yeah they are a good team but they don't compare to the Yankees. 

The whole point in being a fan in your team is to be irrational and confident. Shouldn't we all band together and say fuck the Guardians? Yes if they lose I am going to be a meme for the rest of the year and maybe forever but it won't happen because they are going to win. KFC has picked out every Italian bastard Yankees fan wearing a white tank up looking like an asshole. That is what I want. I want everyone talking about how we have 27 World Series and be an asshole about it because thats who the Yankees fans are and always will be. The fact that we even gave the Mets a chance to make fun of us is a tragedy and there is just no way in hell I am letting the Guardians think they have any chance in hell in this series. They needed midges to beat us back in the day and today they are entering a zoo. 

Let's all get together and be goombots to win this game tonight. Nobody in the world wants to live in Cleveland and we are taking this one. No more scared shit. The New York Yankees are winning this baseball game.